Available Panels
Updated 9/5/13. This category will be updated throughout the fall with our new inventory as it is made. These are the panels that are currently available.
19x19 Geometric Sun Panel 20x20 geometric single cobalt geometric corner
10" x 10" geometric - clear 10" x 10" geometric - sage 10" x 10" geometric - beige 12x22 dunescape
12x29 sunset 9 x 28 butterfly 16x16 Clear Celtic 11.5" x 37" Panel with Fused Tiles
9.5" x 33" Lead Panel Out of stock 5.75" x 29" Geometric - Wispy Green Out of stock 7" x 30" floral 12 x 12 Celtic
small cobalt corner pair Beige corner pair White geometric corner set
If you see something that you like and it is out of stock, please contact us and we can create a new panel using the same elements at no extra charge.
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