Edel Byrne, originally from Dublin, Ireland, started working in the medium of glass in 1988.  On completing a three year apprenticeship at Pearson's Studio she opened her own studio in Province town in 1991.  In 2001 she moved her studio to Putney, VT to be in a vibrant arts and crafts community.  She is a member of the Putney Craft Tour, the Vermont Crafts Council, Frog Hollow Galleries, and the League of New Hampshire Craft Galleries.  Her work can also be seen in many fine craft galleries throughout the northeast. 


Edel Byrne's glass panels and candle holders are bold departures from the traditional.  Each piece is unique and holds her signature style of "lace leadwork" reflecting a medieval style springing from her celtic heritage.  Mixing lead and glass stones, Edel creates a style that could only be called medieval expressionism. 

 Panels are individually laid out on the work table.  They are thoughtfully laid out using a large palette of different shapes of colored glass and bevels.  The possibilities are endless and there are no two panels exactly the same. 


Customers' Comments on Edel's Work

"Edel was referred to me by another artist who worked on Newbury Street in Boston. I was just starting out as an Art Rep building accounts for Artists in galleries throughout New England. Edel and I met in a coffee shop in Newton, Ma. The rest is “history”! Almost every gallery I took her work to jumped for joy and placed orders. The few that were hesitant started with small orders and soon realized the power of her work and joined the band wagon. I am now, one of Edels number one collectors- I have Edel's stained glass panels, candle towers and new magical lamp throughout my home, have gifted every loved one in my life with an Edel’s Art Glass and will continue to order them as gifts in my new business as Realtor in Naples, FL.  Edel's work ethic is unmatched as well as her commitment to your 100% satisfaction. Edel is a rare soul who will transform your home with her work and lift your spirit with her heart!"

-Pam Frey, South Bay Realty, Naples, FL